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Terms & Conditions

Tanawisa Company, (referred hereafter as Tanawisa),

offers helminthic ova of the pig whipworm Trichuris suis (TSO) as a probiotic supplement for supporting the immune system to help control the signs and symptoms of autoimmune disorders. In some countries this may be considered a therapy on it’s own with a therapeutic value and is still undergoing clinical trials and regulatory approval processes. In Thailand, Tanawisa’s residence, the Director of Drug Control of the Thai Food and Drug Administration confirmed on October 13, 2006 the following classification:

Quote: According to the request for classification and export permission of TSO as a medicine for the therapeutic treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis), the food and drug administration committé has discussed the therapy and all manufacturing details. The committé recognized the intended use for the curative treatment of humans and decided TSO to be a drug according to paragraph 4 of the drug law from 1967. The production method shows that TSO is derived from animals as a complete biological organism, remains unchanged and is not mixed with another drug or synthetic solution. Therefore we decided that TSO is classified under the category of natural medicines like herbals, which are exempted from the drug registration requirements according to paragraph 79 of the drug law from 1967. Unquote

By purchasing and using TSO from Tanawisa you accept that the risks and side effects (if any) as well as benefits associated have not been fully defined.

Furthermore, by proceeding with the administration of TSO you accept that there is a remaining undefined risk for the development of unwanted and or unexpected side effects, although clinical studies with TSO until today did not discover any so far.

By purchasing TSO from Tanawisa you confirm that you have the consent of the physician in charge for you and that you are monitored by medical professionals during the administration. With this knowledge, you can only purchase therapeutic products from Tanawisa by accepting complete responsibility for any unwanted financial or health consequences that may affect yourself, your friends, family and loved ones arising out of your decision to administer TSO. Except in cases of negligence by Tanawisa, all consequences of self-administration is entirely your responsibility.

Only clients who are under the care of a physician who is aware of their choice regarding the use of this therapy and whose doctor agrees to continue to treat them after their use of this therapy, will be eligible to purchase TSO from us.

As this in some countries is an experimental therapy, it may not be possible for your doctor to offer or recommend it, or for an insurance company to pay for it. However, your doctor is able to support and provide health care for you following TSO administration. As a condition of purchase of any product from Tanawisa, you must obtain the services of a doctor who will continue to treat you if you use TSO. Your health depends upon your doctor being aware of every factor that may influence your health and their decisions regarding your care.

All information provided by yourself to Tanawisa is treated as private and confidential. No information given to Tanawisa is disclosed to a third party, except with your prior written consent.

If you have any questions please visit our contact page.